Paint Equipment Cleaner-P2

Paint equipment cleaner is designed to clean paint guns, sprayers, nozzle and all paint handling equipment.

Special Features:
Paint equipment cleaner consits of, organic terpene Hydrocarbons and inorganic solvent blend to boost cleaning power without using flammable and hazardous solvent.

How it Works:
It works by lifting paint from the spray gun surface, rather than dissolving it. If it’s an enclosed system it will re-circulate the solution through two filters to remove paint solids. This keeps the solution cleaning effectively for extended periods of time. Cleaning solution is flushed through the paint gun in a similar way to other automatic paint gun cleaners. The cleaning unit is equipped with continuous filtration to remove paint solids and refresh the cleaning solution. Filters are changed on average once per month to maintain the solution. Heavily soiled paint guns and and pots should be pre-cleaned to conserve cleaning solution.

Always wear personal safety equipment like, eye protection and gloves when working with this product. Keep away from open flame and heat. Do not mix cleaning solution with water when initial cleaning is taking place. Always collect waste in proper container for proper disposal. If spills on ground or hard surfaces, wash solution off with water. Always drain tubing and holding container after cleaning. If possible air-dry all equipment before using.

Keep out of reach of children. Eye contact- flush eyes with water for 10 minutes.
Skin contact- wash with soap and water. If dry skin or rash appears apply petroleum jelly on affected area. Indigested- do not induce vomiting drink plenty of water and get medical attention.