Leak detector-5000 is specially designed to detect leaky roofs. This hi-tech Powder is formulated with synthetic and natural micro fibers, and with fusion e3 micron technology, to penetrate deep in to micro and sub micro cracks on to the roof surfaces. It leaves visible tracks by leaving sub micron particles suspended on to the top surface for easy detection.

Design For:

All types of roof surfaces, like asphalt, metal, tiles, natural stone, wood and most man made synthetic rubber roof surfaces. Will not harm roof, clogs gutters, drains or change color of roof surfaces.

How to use:

For dry roof surfaces, sprinkle powder on the problem area on the roof, and sweep slowly and spread powder gently and evenly. Pick up excess powder or leave it on the surface. Excess lightweight particles will become airborne by leaving visible and reflective tracks on the roof surface for easy detections

For wet roof surfaces and puddled areas apply powder liberally with scoop and cover area well. Micron particles will sink in to the bottom of the puddle and wet cracks in few minutes. When water and moisture dries out Excess lightweight particles will become airborne and by leaving visible and reflective tracks on the roof surface for easy detections.


Do not mix this product with asphalt, cement, solvents or any type of roof repair material or chemical bonding agents. Store this product inside away from moisture and heat.

Accidental spills:

Pick up excess powder with broom and dustpan, wash or mop effected area with water and rinse well.


Keep out of reach of children. Use eye protection and dust mask while working with this product. Wear protective gloves to avoid skin contact. In case of eye contact, flush eyes with cold water for 10 minutes. If case of skin contact, wash effected areas with warm water and soap. If indigested do not induce vomiting, seek medical help for prolong discomfort or allergic reactions.