Heavy Duty Cleaner: Acid Free


Product Description: This powerful cleaner is a balanced chemical compound. It’s minimum foaming properties gives free rinsing, contains no hydrocarbons or other chlorinated solvents. It is effective in dissolving heavy deposits of oxidized waxes and polymers, thick layers of downtrodden greases backed on deposits of carbon. Fire damaged hard surfaces soot, resins, gums, oils, inks, dyes and hard soap scum.

Features:                                                                                           Recommended for:
Provide safe handling                                                                        Fire and flood damaged surfaces
Environmentally safe                                                                         Any brick, concrete and masonry
No acid burns or acid fumes                                                              Aluminum and vinyl siding
No damage to any kind of masonry surfaces                                    Glass and Plexiglass surfaces
Paved stone, flag stone and pre-cast concrete surfaces
Excellent for general cleaning of job site
Safe for aluminum and most metallic surfaces
For smoke and fire damage surfaces
Technical Data:
Flash Point————-None
Wt./Gal————————8.7lbs per gallon
Shelf Life———————–1 year

Direction for Use:
Apply with nylon brush or low- pressure sprayer. Use recommended dilution of cleaning material for economy and best results. Pre-wet the surface to be cleaned thoroughly Apply diluted solution of cleaner with nylon brush
Let set for 2 to 3 minutes and scrap or scrub if needed Re-apply diluted solution. Rinse thoroughly with pressure washer using 100 to 200 psi.
Note: For cleaning interior surfaces protect non-cleaning surface and provide adequate ventilation.

Recommended Use:
Type of surface                                                     H.D. Cleaner                                                              Water
(By Volume)                                                           (By Volume)
Brick                                                                            1                                                                                2
Concrete                                                                      1                                                                                2
Color Black Masonry                                                   1                                                                                5
Stone Surface                                                              1                                                                                2
Aluminum & Vinyl Siding                                            1                                                                                4
Glass & Plexiglass                                                      1                                                                                10
Tile & Asphalt roofs                                                    1                                                                                6
Wood roofs                                                                 1                                                                                5
Painted walls                                                              1                                                                                20
Industrial equipment                                                  1                                                                                5
Ferrous & non ferrous metal                                      1                                                                                5
General window cleaning                                           1                                                                               40

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Do not mix with other chemical or bleach. Wear rubber gloves and safety goggles while working with this product.

Packaging: 5-gal pails, 55-gal drum & tanker truck