EST AS-25 designed for use on cured masonry surfaces, like concrete block, pavers, sidewalks, driveways, pre-cast and poured place concrete.

CAUTION: Combustible Material:Contains petroleum distillate. Keep away from open flame and heat. Use only in well ventilated area. Avoid repeated contact and prolonged breathing of vapors.
Keep Out of Reach of Children and Animals.

First Aid:
In case of contact with skin wash off with water. In case of eye contact wash off with water. See physician immediately. In case of ingestion, see physician immediately.
In case of fire use dry chemicals or CO2 type of extinguisher.

HMIS Ratings:
Health-2                       Flammability-2              Reactivity- 0                 Personal Protection- 2

Surface Preparation:
A. Repair all cracks and joints
B. Surface must be clean, dust free, oil and grease free
C. For new concrete, AS-25 sealer may be applied as soon as sheen of surface moisture disappears.

Equipment: AS-25 may be applied with a brush, roller or a low- pressure spray.
1.Coat surface uniformly leaving no pinholes or gaps. Under normal conditions surface will dry in 30 minutes.
2.When spraying, apply a thoroughly saturating application to the surface.
Using a brush or roller two coats are recommended.
Note: Clean all tools and equipment with lacquer thinner.

Limited Warranty: EST, Inc. has not control over the storage, handling or use of this product, thus the guarantee is limited to the purchase price of the defective material only.

Read MSDS before using this product