Enviro Seal 707: Water Base

Enviro Seal 707 is a water-based alkylalkoxysilane penetrating water repellent. It is designed specifically for brick masonry, limestone, pre-cast, and concrete surfaces, including blocks where darkening is unacceptable.
Enviro Seal 707 reduces bonding of airborne hydrocarbons, reduces water damage from freeze-thaw, protects against efflorescence, and has excellent ultraviolet resistance; it is VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) compliant as well.


– Protect all non-masonry surfaces.
– Treated surface should be free of dirt, grease, moisture, etc.
– New concrete should be allowed to cure at least 14 days before application.
– Product may be applied with low-pressure spray equipment, a brush, or a roller.
– When using low-pressure equipment, apply a light mist coating to break the surface tension; this allows for good penetration. Repeat the process with flood coat (4 to 6inches run down).


– Air and surface temperature must be above 40° F during application.
– Caulking should be installed prior to application.
– Protect surrounding non-masonry surfaces, such as glass, aluminum, etc.
– Inadvertent splash should be removed with water before the solution has dried on the surface.
– Do not apply when rain is predicted with 24 hours.


– Brick Masonry: Approximately 150 – 200 square feet/gallon.
– Limestone: Approximately 100 – 150 square feet/gallon.
– Smooth (precast): Approximately 100 – 125 square feet/gallon.
– Rough Exposed Aggregate: Approximately 80 – 125 square feet/gallon.
– Block (high density): Approximately 75 – 100 square feet/gallon.
– Block (low density): Approximately 50 – 75 square feet/gallon.

HMIS Ratings:

– Health: 1
– Reactivity: 0
– Flammability: 0
– Personal Protection: 1

Caution: DO NOT alter the material as supplied. Store at room temperature (68° F).

Guarantee/Warranty/Liability: EST, Inc. has no control over the storage, handling, or use of this product. The guarantee is limited to the purchase price of the defective material only.