E-CURE 101

Product Name: E-Cure 101 Additive

Product Description: E-cure 101 is a liquid additive made expressly for use in cement products where efflorescence is a problem. E-Cure 101 prevents and binds the chemicals in cement and mortar mixer and additives from leaching out onto brick and block and other mortar set products, also excellent for pre cast and poured in place concrete.

Composition: E-Cure 101 is an proprietary mix solution containing glyolatetrigcatates in water base that reacts with impurities in mortar mixes, cement products and aggregates, binding these impurities permanently within these products.

Recommended for: Brick, block, stone, stucco, poured in place, pre cast and any other cementations product.


-Provides excellent water and moisture screen.
-Cures efflorescence permanently.
-Stabilizes and brightness integral colors.
-In concrete blocks, roof tiles, pavers etc.
-Unites made wit E-Cure 101 can be painted or sealed.
-Can be use with plasticizers.
-Extends set time resulting in greater strength.
-Increase density and cure strength.
-Voc compliant and Water clean up.


Per/lbs of Sand and Cement Mix How Much To Use
100,lbs mix 5,floz
200,lbs mix 10,floz
300,lbs mix 15,floz
400,lbs mix 20,floz
500,lbs mix 25,floz

Note: Above chart is for normal standard mix only. If your mix has problem with efflorence please do sample cube test (pre test) and adjust dosage according to that. E-Cure 101 can be use up to 8 to 10floz per 100lbs of mix. Follow mix ratio as recommended below.

Mix Ratios: 5 oz per 100# of cement for a 3 to 1 sand/cement ratio. 6 oz. per 100# of cement for a 3 to 1 sand/ cement ratio. 8 oz. per 100# of cement for a 5 to 1 sand/ cement ratio. NOTE: Mix ratios are approximates and may vary due to mix design and aggregates used. Pre-test of samples is recommended. Contact Environmental Chemical Industries for assistance if problems occur in reaching optimum mix ratios or unusual application are involved. Our technical department is dedicated to finding solutions to efflorescence in other concrete applications or installation problems.

Precaution: Do not mix any other additives or plasticizers with E-Cure 101. Add them separately in sequence if needed, allow minimum of five minutes mixing time per each sequence. For general practice we do not recommend using plasticizer with E-Cure 101.


1. ASTM C-33 Normal weight aggregates.
2. ASTM C-150 For portland cement.
3. ASTM C-55 Grade N concrete brick.
4. ASTM C-145 Grade N solid load bearing unit.
5. ASTM C-90 Grade N Hollow load-bearing unit

Limited Warranty: EST Inc. has no control over the storage, handling, or use of this product, thus the warranty is limited to the replacement price of the defective material only.

Cautions: Rubber gloves and chemical goggles to be used. Keep our of reach of children.

Packaging: Available in 1 gallon, 5 gallon containers, F.O.B. our plant.

Limitations: Prevent from freezing. Patch test recommended to assure proper mix ratios.

Note: EST Inc. can also furnish a clear UV positive sealer in matte, semi-gloss or gloss finish for new construction of clay or cementations surfaces that water-proofs and protects against color bleaching.