Dura Cote


Where and How to Use:
General Use: Masonry and Basement Paint is intended for waterproofing, sealer, and decorating walls of concrete, stucco, brick, concrete blocks, haydite blocks, cinder blocks, pumice blocks and other masonry and stucco surfaces. Use either inside or out- above or below ground. Masonry and Basement Paint is not guaranteed to be waterproof if applied over surfaces previously painted with oil base or alkyd paint.

Surface Preparation: It is not necessary to wet walls with water prior to application. Surface may be damp or dry, however must be clean and free of dust, dirt and loose materials. Grease, oil, wax, mildew, efflorescence, or excessive chalk should be removed. Prior to application, all hard smooth surfaces such as glazed or vitreous, must be sandblasted. Patch holes and cracks.

Application: Before using place upside down on shaker and shake well until material is evenly distributed. Apply as material comes from container without thinning.
Work first coat well into pores of surface. Apply second coat after twenty-four hours. A continuous coating filling all pores of surface without open pinholes is necessary for waterproofing. If open pinholes show, brush over these areas again. These pinholes will cause leaking and after twenty-four hours drying time, if leaking occurs brush material over these areas again. Masonry and Basement paint may be thinned slightly with a good paint thinner or turpentine. Clean painting tools with paint thinner or turpentine.

Coverage: Masonry and Basement Paint covers approximately 75 sq ft per gallon (one coat) on rough porous surface and up to 125 sq ft per gallon (one coat) on smooth surfaces.

Pigment 80%
Titanium Dioxide—————— 6%
Portland Cement——————46%
Silica & Silicates——————48%
Vehicle 20%
Soya Alkyd Resin—————— 33%
Mineral Spirits———————–67%