Cure & Seal 25 Solvent Based

Cure and Seal 25 SB is a concrete curer and sealer. It may be quickly and easily applied to cure, seal, and dust proof new and old, interior and exterior, vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces. Retains 95% or more of the mix water in concrete for seven days allowing for normal hydration, and will self-dissipate as concrete cures.

Cure and Seal 25 SB can be made with a red fugitive dye to aid in application. Meets TYPE-1D requirements.

When properly applied, Cure and Seal SB produces an impermeable seal for efficient moisture retention. It is ideal for application on commercial and industrial floors, sidewalks, basements, garage floors, multi-level parking decks, patios, driveways, and parking areas.

Cure and Seal 25 SB significantly reduces blushing. It provides an excellent, thicker; long lasting film finish that is resistant to most chemicals, petroleum, and abrasives. When properly applied, Hydra Cure and Seal yields superior curing efficiency; hairline cracks, premature cracking, and dusting and spalling are all prevented with good concrete and good concreting practices. Cure and Seal is not a cure-all for improperly mixed or placed concrete. Contains Hydrocarbon Solvents.


– ASTM – C 309, Type 1, class B.

– ASTM – C 1315.

– AASHTO M-148, Type 1, class B

– Federal specification TT-C-0800.

This membrane meets ASTM curing requirements and the Chloride Ion Penetration requirements of NCHRP 244 test criteria.

Coverage varies with application method, texture and porosity of surface.
Curing and for moisture retention:
200 – 300 ft²/gallon (4.9 –9.8M2/L)

Second Coat:
400 – 800ft²/gallon (9.8 –14.7M2/L) (dust proofing and sealing)

Renovating, dust proofing and sealing:
200 –300ft²/gallon (4.9 – 7.4M2/L)

Under mastic – type floor adhesives:
400 – 600ft²/gallon (9.8 – 14.7 M2/L)


Cure and Seal SB is ready to use as is. Use a commercial sprayer for efficient application; a nap roller, soft bristle broom, or a lamb’s wool applicator may be used as well. The sealer should be sprayed-on with an 8001 tip in a fine fog pattern, without spurts and dribbles, forming a thin, continuous film.

Avoid creating puddles in low areas. If puddles occur, brush or roll them out.

Cure and Seal SB appears “milky white” in the container and has a “bluish cast” when applied; this is for easy identification of coverage. It dries clear to provide a transparent sheen finish; Cure and Seal will not change the color of the concrete.