Concrete Equipment Cleaners Concentrate

Concrete Equipment Cleaner is used to clean off concrete on equipment.


Exterior Cleaning: Pre-wet the surface. Dilute some of the concentrate with 2 to 6 parts of water; determine the dilution from prior testing. (In some cases, concentrated product may be used.) Apply diluted concrete cleaner with a soft fibered masonry brush. Let stand 2 to 3 minutes; reapply. Do not let the cleaning solution dry on the surface of the equipment; rinse off with water using pressure washing equipment (3 gallons per minute at 400 to 600 psi).

Interior Cleaning: Provide adequate ventilation. Protect the floor with poly film or other protection. Follow the procedures for exterior cleaning. If a water pressure machine cannot be used, use a sponge or brush for rinsing; thorough rinsing is a must.

Caution: Contains blended acids. If skin contact occurs, immediately flood the surface with water, using soap freely, and then cover the area with moist magnesia or baking soda. If internal digestion occurs, drink a teaspoon or more of magnesia, chalk, or small pieces of soap softened with water in milk, mucilage, or raw egg whites; call a physician.

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