Bond Crete – 101

Bond Crete – 101 is a specially formulated product for concrete sand and cement products. Design to bond old and new concrete surfaces, and use as an additive.

– Increases compressive strength.
– Minimizes efflorescence.
– Speeds cycle time.
– Helps to brighten colors.
– Dose does not create moisture probe problems.
– Eliminates extra dispenser.
– Helps green strength.
– Resists primary “bloom or scum” formation in highly colored units.
– Provides lubricity and clean casting of concrete blocks, pavers, roof tiles, and  precast concrete.

Bond Crete – 101 should be used at a rate of 8 to 20 oz. per 100 lbs. of Portland cement, depending upon the desired effect (8 oz. is recommended for starting). Add Bond Crete to the batch mixture after water has been added; slight moisture adjustment may be required.

Dosage amounts may need to be adjusted due to variation in mix design and aggregates. A higher use level will not affect the strength. Do not use other admixes. Bond Crete – 101 may be added to the batch manually or with an automatic pump.
To achieve proper dispersion of Bond Crete – 101, allow a minimum of five minutes mixing time at full mixing speed.

– Odor: Sweet.
– Weight/Gallon: 8.63 lbs./gallon.
– pH: 8.3.
– Appearance: Milky White.
– Solubility in H2O: Complete.

ASTM Test Data: Specifications for exterior walls.
– ASTM C-33: Normal weight aggregates.
– ASTM C-150: For Portland cement.
– ASTM C-55: Grade N concrete block.
– ASTM C-145: Grade N solid load-bearing unit.
– ASTM C-90: Grade N hollow load-bearing unit.