Blockade is an advance water-repellent concrete mortar additive specially designed to be used in the manufacturing of block, pavers, colored blocks, colored pavers, etc. It is also recommended for blocks admixture, pavers admixture, colored blocks and pavers admixture, split face blocks and colored blocks admixture, integral waterproofing of any concrete material, and blockade mortar admix and mortar additive.

Blockade is composed of high molecular organofunctional polymers of natural fatty acids combined with surface-active agents.


– Provides an excellent water and moisture screen.
– Spalling and sealing of blocks and pavers is eliminated.
– Minimize efflorescence, mold, and mildew.
– Uniformity of integral colors.
– Compatible with set accelerators.
– Provides exceptional strength.
– Blocks are drier, thus better insulating.
– Blocks may be painted.
– Provides lubricity and clean casting of blocks.

Technical Data:

– Type: High molecular organofunctional.
– Shelf Life: 6 to 12 months in a closed container.
– Biodegradable: Yes.
– Specific Gravity: 1.0.
– Form: Milky Liquid.
– Flash Point: None.
– Total Solid: More than 50%.
– VOC (Volatile Organic Compound): Yes.
– VOC Content: Less than 10 g/L.
– Absorption: ASTM C-140 (24 Hour Submersion Test: 98.4% effective in reduction water intrusion).
– Water Repellency: ASTM C-67 (96% min.).
– Water Permanent Test of Masonry % of Reduction of Leakage into Block: ASTM E- 514-74 and ASTM E-514-86 (99.8% min.).
– Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate: ASTM E096-90 (93% min.).
– Accelerated Weathering QUV: 2500 hours (no less repellency).
– Efflorescence: NBS-883 (highly resistant).
– Permeability (treated and untreated specimen): ASTM D-1653 (minimum 80% untreated sample).

Applications: Blockade is normally put into a batch after the final amount of water has been added; blockade mix may be added to the batch manually or with an automatic pump. Keep mix slightly wetter than normal.
Do not use with other admixes, especially plasticizer.
Use 18 to 20 oz. of blockade with 100 lbs. of cement. This amount may vary slightly due to variations in mix design and aggregate. A higher level of use will not affect the block or pavers strength.

BLOCKADE (Item No. B-105)

Clean Up: Use warm water to clean tools and equipment.

Caution: Blockade will freeze; store at room temperature. Keep container closed when not in use to avoid contamination.