Bio – Sorbe

Bio-Sobre is design to absorb oil and grease stains and spills from concrete and various hard surfaces. It is a dry absorbent, micro molecule powder combined with oil and grease digesting enzymes, fusion into one amazing formula that both absorb and digest oil and grease stains from the concrete surfaces. Bio-Sorbe soaks into the concrete, breaks down oil deep in the pores, and molecularly locks onto oil particles.  As it dries, the oil is pulled up to the surface and absorbed. As Bio-sorbe enzymes begin to digest oil and grease, and wet powder begins to transform into dry powder.  When it is completely dry, the powder is simply swept up for easy disposal.

Just apply by sprinkling powder on to the effected areas, cover the stain completely with powder, wait till it dries and sweep it up. Bio-Sorbe combines a powerful enzyme with a non-leaching absorbent powder to create Micro-Extraction Technology.  This Micro-Extraction Technology allows Bio-Sorbe powder to soak deep into concrete and masonry surfaces, locking onto embedded oil-based stains at a molecular level. Bio-sorbe dries to a powder; the stain is extracted to the surface and absorbed for easy cleanup. If stain remains repeat above steps till oil and stain is absorbed.

Stains Removed:
Bio-Sorbe will remove stains from motor oil, grease, hydraulic fluid, anti-freeze, brake fluid, transmission fluid, synthetic oils, food grease from animal fats, cooking oil, and citronella oil.

Bio-sorbe can be used on various concrete and masonry surfaces including exposed aggregate, patio blocks, paving bricks, quarry tile, stone and colored concrete and asphalt.

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Wear dust mask, goggles and gloves for personal protections. Do not walk or drive over treated areas or spots. Store dry powder in a cool dry place away from the moisture. Keep container close to extend the self-life of the powder.