Anti Graffiti Coating: Solvent Based

Anti-Graffiti Coating is designed for all types of vertical masonry surfaces, including brick, concrete blocks, stones, etc. It has long-lasting protection and is breathable; graffiti may be removed several times before re-coating is necessary.

Applications: New masonry surfaces should be free of all dust, debris, oil, and tar. For old masonry surfaces, remove all dirt, dust, tar, oil, etc. with a pressure washer. All joint sealants, caulk, and patching should be in place before application. Graffiti should be removed with a heavy-duty detergent or solvent cleaner.

Apply the product with a low pressure sprayer. Initially, apply a fine mist to break the surface tension. Apply a second coat heavily to cover the surface thoroughly. Follow the coverage information (below) closely for long-lasting projection.

Coverage: Exact coverage will depend upon the porosity of the surface and density.

– Concrete: Approximately 100 square feet/gallon.
– Concrete (precast): Approximately 100 square feet/gallon.
– Exposed Aggregate: Approximately 100 square feet/gallon.
– Concrete Block: Approximately 75 square feet/gallon.
– Brick: Approximately 100 square feet/gallon.
– Natural Stone: Approximately 100 square feet/gallon.

This product is NOT SUITABLE for asphalt surfaces. It is not recommended to be used at or below 40° F.

Test surfaces for suitability. Do no use on glass surfaces. The duration of protection will depend upon the cleaning methods and cleaning products used.

HMIS Ratings:

– Health: 2
– Reactivity: 0
– Flammability: 2
– Personal Protection: 2

Clean Up: Use mineral spirits or xylene to clean tools and equipment.

Caution: If skin contact occurs, rinse off with soap and water. If eye contact occurs, rinse with plenty of water; see a physician. If ingestion occurs, do not induce vomiting; see a physician. If inhalation occurs, relocate the person to fresh air or ventilation.

Combustible liquid. Contains petroleum distillate. Use in ventilated areas only. Keep away from flames, sparks, and heat.