Acryl 600

ACRYL 600 is a bonding agent for concrete base material.

ACRYL 600 is a milky white, non-flammable non-toxic liquid that has high strength when used as a bonding agent to structurally sound surfaces, such as concrete, stucco, masonry, plaster, etc.

ACRYL 600 mixes easily with Portland or Lumnite cement for patching, repairing or resurfacing old concrete, and adds exceptional resiliency and toughness to the mix.

ACRYL 600 is an emulsion of internally plasticized polymer resin. Non-re-emisifiable high strength polymer, when cured will withstand intermittent or continued exposure to water.

Surface Preparation:
Surface must be thoroughly cleaned free from dust, dirt, grease, wax, oil, etc… Moisten the surface with water especially if temperature is very high or exceptionally dry. Remove unsound concrete, loose material and foreign matter by scarifying or other mechanical means. All concrete whether new or old when cleaned must be etched with a 10% muriatic acid solution. Thoroughly rinse with water to remove all traces of acid.

For all applications, ACRYL 600 bonding agent is mixed to the following proportions by weight or by volume:

                  Use  Part Acryl 600  Parts Portland Cement  Parts Sand  Part Water (A)
Bonding grout  1  5  2(b) To desirable consistency
Topping  1  5  15 ( c) To desirable consistency
Shotcrete  1  5  2 1 part
Concrete finishing  1  10  10 4 parts
Walkways & plaza ways  1  5  5 Sufficient water

A. Sufficient water to yield a desirable consistency.
B. Sand conforming to ASTM-C-144
C. Sand conforming to ASTM-404, Size No-2
ACRYL 600 may also be sprayed or rolled on surface. Apply topping while still tacky or within 24 hours or else reapply.
*Ready to Use
*Bonds new and old concrete
*Old concrete to old concrete
*New concrete to new concrete
*Excellent for bonding construction joints
*Prevention of cold joints in multiple pours, leveling of floors, prior to secondary surfacing.
*Finishing concrete block walls and patching of stuccoed walls.

Limited Guarantee:
Est., Inc. guarantees that its products conform to the quality and standard as stated in their specific product literature: however since Est., Inc. has no control over the storage, handling or use of these products, the guarantee is limited to the purchase price of the defective material.