ACRO SEAL WB 2000 & 2500

Acro Seal WB is a penetrating sealer, designed to apply on wet or dry concrete surfaces.


· Reduce efflorescence.

· Provide protection against moisture and spalling.

· Does not turn white.

· V.O.C. compliant.

· Completely Non-flammable.

· Safer to use in closed areas.

· Can be applied in multiple coats.

· Dries tack free and leaves skid resistance surface.


· Prevent from freezing.

· Apply above 45’f

                                      Technical Data:

Type High molecular vinyl acrylic CO – Polymer.
Flash point none
Shelf Life One year closed container at room temperature.
Active Solid 50% to 55%
Repellence Factor Very good
Water Absorption Minimal, less than 1%
Scaling Resistance Excellent

Direction for Use:

Patch test recommended for suitability. Protect all non-masonry surfaces from over spray.

Application Method:

Acro Seal WB can be applied with roller, brush or low-pressure sprayer, use fine mist spray and apply second coat liberally. Do not dilute the product use as is. Surface should be well cured. Surface should be free of all dust, debris, oil, and tar before applying Acro Seal WB.

Clean Up:

Clean tools and equipment with hot water and industrial cleaner.

                                          Coverage Rate

Concrete (broom finish) 150-.200sq. ft/gal
Concrete (smooth Finish)  200-.250sq. ft/gal
Exposed Aggregate 175-.200sq. ft/gal
Concrete Block 75-.100sq. ft/gal
Concrete Block-split face 75-100sq. ft/gal
Brick Masonry 175-. 200sq. ft/gal
Stone Surface  100sq. ft/gal


5gal and 55gal drums.

Limited Warranty:

EST inc. has no control over the storage, handing, or use of this product, thus the guarantee is limited to the purchase price of the defective material only. All information and direction, as contained in this product data and on the product label, are intended for use by persons having experience and practical application skill. No other guarantee and warranties are expressed or implied.