Thatch-B-Gone Concentrate: Water Base

Thatch-B-Gone is a chemical, in liquid form, which induces the natural process of breaking down hydrogen bonds in the soil; it works as an organic catalyst in the elimination of thatch, loosening the soil.


– Speeds the breakdown of organic matter.
– Increases the activity of soil organisms.
– Improves water penetration and retention.
– Induces the natural breakdown of thatch to humus.
– Makes grass and plant food available to the root system.
– Promotes grass growth; increases speed.
– Makes the soil soft and loose.
– Separates the soil particles.
– Frees trace elements.

Applications: This product should be applied during the early spring or late fall, and in warm, moist conditions. Fill a quart jar with Thatch-B-Gone and spray directly onto the area using a standard lawn-type, hose-end sprayer.

A second application may be applied within 30-60 days due to heavy thatch build-up.

In order for Thatch-B-Gone to be effective, it must be watered after application. When warm, moist conditions are present, decomposition will begin within days. In warm weather, thatch may take 60 to 90 days to decay completely. To avoid build-up of thatch, always catch grass clippings.

Coverage Rate: 1 quart covers approximately 2,500 square feet and 1 gallon covers approximately 10,000 square feet. However, the dosage should be adjusted according to the thatch build-up.

Caution: Surface may become slippery. Rinse thoroughly with water. This product is harmful if swallowed. It can cause eye and skin irritation.

Guarantee/Warranty/Liability: EST, Inc. has no control over the storage, handling, or use of this product. The guarantee is limited to the purchase price of the defective material only.