Overcoat Anti-Desiccant Foliage Spray Concentrate

Overcoat Anti-Desiccant Foliage Spray guards against summer scale; transplant shock, and winter moisture loss. This product is recommended for merion, fescues, Kentucky blue grass, common bermuda, St. Augustine, rye, and other grasses.


– Remains Flexible: never cracks, flakes, peels or powders, and is freeze-thaw stable.
– Dilutes with water: will not clog spray equipment.
– Clear, low luster film gives natural sheen to turf and plants.
– Does not wash off, nor disintegrates after exposure to severe weather.
– Mixes with pesticides for a one-step application.
– Forms a colorless protective film on grass blades, plant leaves, and stems to both hold and absorb moisture, while allowing the passage of necessary carbon dioxide oxygen.
– Protects against injury to turf and plants due to excessive moisture loss caused by harsh winter winds, sudden temperature changes, and freezing conditions; reduces summer burn and wilt.
– Aids and speeds-up healthy re-establishment of turf and plants after sodding and transplanting; eliminates normal plant setback during critical period of transplanting.

Applications: Apply with a 3-gallon pressure sprayer or other spray equipment. When applying for winterkill protection, apply on a day when film can dry before temperatures drop below freezing.

Turf: Dilute 1 gallon of concentrate with 20 gallons of water to cover approximately 5,000 square feet. Apply the dilution in the late fall or during the beginning of the winter season and leave on all season. If a period of warm weather occurs during the winter, reapply. Apply as needed during summer.

Shrubs, Ornaments, etc.: Dilute 1 gallon with 30 gallons of water. For winter kill protection, spray foliage in late fall. Check in late winter when soil is thawed to see if a second treatment is needed. Apply as needed during the summer.

Applying with Pesticides: Dilute 1 part with 30 gallons of water. Add the pesticide according to the manufacturer’s direction using the mixture as the dilutent.

Transplanting and Sodding: Dilute 1 part with 2 parts water for transplanting. For heavy plant stock, thoroughly spray foliage and stems several hours before digging the plants. For annuals, perennials, and shrubs, spray garden plants prior to digging. For sod, dilute 1 part to 20 parts water. Apply before cutting sod.

Caution: Avoid eye and skin contact. If eye contact occurs, flush with water for 15 minutes and seek immediate medical attention. If skin contact occurs, wash off immediately with water. If swallowed, contact a physician immediately.