Organo Cal Liquid Calcium

Organo Cal Liquid Calcium is a 100% water soluble, macromolecular clear liquid solution with 25% percent concentrated calcium solutions. As water quality declines due to heavy salt and other mineral compaction in soil to increasing salinity, crops can experience savvier calcium deficiency injury and reduced yields. This is cost effective and easy to use solution for dealing with calcium deficiency in various crops.


  • Fast acting
  • 100% water soluble
  • Safe and easy to handle
  • Economical, with low application rates
  • Can be applied through irrigation systems
  • Non- hazardous and ecofriendly, VOC compliance solutions
  • Can be mixed with various liquid fertilizer formulations and herbicides

Organo cal liquid Calcium Benefits:

  • Responsible for building pound solids in the fruits of plants.
  • Aids in the prolonging of shelf life of fruits and vegetables.
  • Calcium builds quality by neutralizing organic acids in the plants, enabling nutrients and water to enter more freely.
  • Builds strong cell walls and membranes for plants and fruits.
  • When nitrogen, phosphorus, carbon and calcium are delivered to the plant it will help synthesize proteins, vitamins and other building blocks needed to construct plant life.
  • Will build cell walls, which results in more bountiful, firmer, better tasting quality produce.
  • Increases protein and vitamin levels in plants and vegetables.
  • Calcium is also part of the makeup of enzymes and aids in protein synthesis, cell division.
  • Calcium is essential for soil organisms including nitrogen-fixing bacteria.
  • Chelated Calcium is more available then normal un-chelated calcium.
  • Sugar chelated calcium provided an extra source of nutrition once it delivers the calcium ion. EDTA chelates will chelate the calcium, but will also lock another element once it delivers the Ca ion.

Besides providing calcium for plant nutrition and sodium displacement, Organo Cal Liquid Calcium is a valuable source of chloride fertilization. Chloride fertilization helps to suppress many soil-borne and plant tissue diseases on crops such as wheat, barley, corn, potatoes, and rice. Correcting chloride deficiencies can help maximize crop yield and grower profits.


Product is designed to use on various row crops, turf, lawn and vegetable gardens.
Recommended Use Rate: Mix 32 fl. ounces to 1 gallon of Organo Cal Liquid Calcium per 12-15 gallons of water per acre. Mix well and spray evenly.
For specific application rate for your crops, consult your dealer for details.


Chemical – CaCl2 Organic Based

Appearance – Clear to straw liquid solution

Odor – None

Assay – Typically 25% by weight Ca

Density Approx. – 11.01 lbs/gal

pH – 7.0


Guaranteed Analysis Calcium (Ca)- 25% by weight

Chloride (Cl) – 22 to 26% by weight

Arsenic (As) – < 5 mg/kg

Heavy Metals (including Pb) – < 20 mg/kg

CoBalt (Co) – < 10 mg/kg

*Impurities based on 100% CaCl2 basis


Protective clothing, rubber gloves and eye protection are recommended. Rubber safety boots should also be worn in work areas, since calcium chloride can damage leather. This product should be handled in areas with proper ventilation. Before using this product, refer to MSDS for complete safety and handling guidelines. For proper disposal guidelines for calcium chloride wastes, consult the appropriate local regulatory authorities.