NPK 8-16-8


This product is design to use for vegetative growth stage and reproductive stages of plant growth cycle. It’s provided critical nutrients that plant strives for maximum growth.

NPK-8-16-8 is a liquid fertilizer with Nano nutrients enhanced with liquid carbon and microbes and enzymes that is recommended as a supplement to your current fertilizer program. It is best applied to the seed or plant directly.

We do not recommended to replace the nutrients typically added to the soil. We suggest taking a soil test and have a qualified independent lab analyze the sample to determine nutrient levels in your soils and then follow recommended applications to ensure proper nutritional levels.

Use NPK-8-16-8 Liquid Fertilizer with Farm Chemicals
Our products are designed specifically for fertility enhancement purposes. Our fertility products are compatible with many farm chemicals and may improve the efficacy of some pesticide applications, but we do not guarantee it to do so. When tank mixing any products with other farm chemicals, always read and follow the label directions of the chemical(s) you are considering. EST suggests administering a jar test and/or a strip test before adding to your tank mix. When mixing with other farm chemicals, it is suggested to tank mix only after diluting the chemical according to label directions. Knowing the chemical’s “mode of action” (block photosynthesis) or metal content (copper based) will help determine the compatibility of this product.

Vegetative Growth Stage and Reproductive Stage:
Use 8-16 ounces of NPK 8-16-8 per 100 gallons of water applied. Dilute 32 to 64 ounces per acre in the nurse tank with enough water to treat desired area.

Drip Irrigation:
Use 8-16 ounces of NPK 8-16-8 per 100 gallons of water applied.

Keep container closed when not in use. Store at room temperature. This product contains organic materials, which may settle, and should be shaken or stirred if stored. Refer to the MSDS for other safety and handling information. Keep from freezing.

Limited Warranty
EST INC warrants that this product meets its manufacturing specifications. If it does not, EST INC will, replace the product of any defects free of charge. In no event shall EST INC be liable for special, incidental or consequential damages or for damages in the nature of penalties. EST INC shall not be liable in any way for claims resulting from any use of this product, which is not in strict accordance with all directions, cautions and warnings on the label or labels.