Natural All Purpose Fertilizer with Soil-Zyme

This is an organic All Purpose Fertilizer design for all season, safe around children and pets. This product is environmentally friendly, non-pouting of our surface and ground waters.
Natural Fertilizer is made from a rich nutrient blend of alfalfa and other natural ingredients in various combinations of the following.

High protein, high brix and has many major and minor nutrient elements including Amino Acids, also contains natural stimulant triacontanol.

Sulfate Of Potash:
A natural Sulfur/Potassium product extracted from the Great Salt Lake. Essential for strong healthy plants.

A carbohydrate feeds to deeper roots and provide beneficial microbes for stronger roots and healthier plants.

Leonardite 60% – 75% Humic Acid. Many benefits including improved efficiency of nutrient up take and eliminate soil compaction.

Soluble Seaweed Extract:
Provides a rich nutrient source containing many major and minor nutrient elements.

Apply 1gal concentrate to 1000 sq ft of space. Immediately water the area after applications.

As in nature the organic materials in this product release their nutrients slowly thus it may be two to three weeks before maximum effect. Results May very, depending on present conditions. Apply four to six time per season.

Analysis And Ingredients:

Total Nitrogen (N) 4% water insoluble nitrogen.
Available Phosphate (P205) 1%
Soluble Potash (K20) 4%
Molasses with beneficial microbes 8%-10%
Humate: water base pH balance 10% – 12%
Seaweed Extract 5% – 8%
Iron Chelated water base 4% – 6%
Manganese water base 4% – 6%

This product is made with 100% organic composition. Contains no animal fat or manure. Will not interfere with pesticides and herbicides, safe to use on newly seeded and existing lawn.

Excellent Results:
After initial application will green up turf within seven days you can expect to see new grass shoots and excellent color. Thatch residue should also begin decomposition within a few weeks with adequate moisture and temperatures over 60 degrees. After one year of using uneven areas or lawn (slight Bumps) will be less evident and if the P.H. of the soil is not less than 7.0 extra ordinary results can be expected.
Also may increase resistance to drought, temperature stress and fungus problems.