Nano Binder Plus

Nano Binder Plus is a proprietary humified soil extract with 9 essential soil microbes included in the formulation. The product is now “Powered by Nano.”  Smaller than an atom, Nano particle technology is a revolutionary approach to creating substances from particles engineered at the molecular level. The product works by providing an organic substructure with an extremely high exchange capacity where the Na++ and C1- ions can bind and be charged neutralized (via an ionic bond). The carbon chain then becomes a food supply for the natural soil and product’s adjunct microbes, which over time dissipates the salt. The Nano particles significantly increase the degradation process by facilitating the transfer and uptake of nutrient by the microbial population.

Soil with High Salinity:
Mix one gallon of Nano Binder Plus with ten gallons of water for the RTU product. Application rates and the number of applications necessary will vary with the severity of the salt conditions. As a rule of thumb, salt levels in excess of 10,000 ppm will require more than one application. Please refer to the NanoBind Plus application Chart for specific dosage rates. Once diluted product must be used within 24 hours. If soil temperature is below 45°F performance is significantly reduced.

Additional variables to consider may include:
1.Soil Composition (eg: sand or shade)
2. Spill Depth
3. Variations of chloride levels across the entire spill area. Consult your distributor for application rates and protocols.

Soil with Very Little or no Salinity:
Preventative rates should start at two gallons (mixed with 18 gallons of water) per acre to be applied quarterly.

Storage & Handling
Ingredients not precisely identified are non-hazardous. Do not ingest. May cause sickness if ingested in large quantities. Prolonged contact with skin may cause slight irritation.
Safety glasses and gloves, as a minimum, are recommended when handling product. Keep container closed when not in use. Store product in a dry and cool area. Refer to the Nano Binder Plus Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for other safety and handling information. Protect product from freezing. Store above 45°F.

Nano Binder Plus is shipped from the manufacturing facility and regional distribution centers in 5 gallon, 55gallon and 275 gallon containers
Bulk quantities are available upon request.

Appearance                              Liquid___________
Color                                       Dark Brown to Black
Odor                                        Musty to Earthy____
Solubility                                  100%____________
PH Neat                                   7.0-8.0___________
Density                                       8.8  ____________
Boiling Point                             100°C____________