Muriate Of Potash 0-0-62 (KCL: Nacl)

Unique Features: This product is a professional quality turf fertilizer for use on all turf areas. This product is made with micro molecular particle structure for easy disperse in water and it is designed for plant to up take maximum potash nutrient in less time.

Test First: Soil should be tested prior to application of this product.

Directions for use: The best results with this product are obtained when it is applied to actively growing grass and watered into the turf soon after application.

Note: Avoid mowing immediately following application to prevent pick-up. For best results, sweep or blow the fertilizer off walkway and painted surfaces following application to avoid discoloration.

Designed to be used as a potassium supplement to correct soil deficiencies or as part of sound nutritional program.

  • Produce strong sturdy stalks.
  • Produce colorful blooms.
  • Produce high yield

Benefits of Muriate of Potash:

-Has higher potassium content than other fertilizers and dissolves readily.
-Is the only form of potassium used for pastures.
-Mixes well with all other fertilizers and is rarely used n its own.
-Is a cost effective straight quick release potassium source, which can be used for both capital and maintenance applications.
-Replaces lost potassium when hay or silage is removed from the farming system.

Uses: Muriate of Potash is mainly used for pastoral, cropping and other chloride tolerant crops. It is the only form of potassium used for pastures.

Application Rate: Muriate of potash can be applied at any time when needed, although split applications will give a more constant nutrient supply for the soil. Muriate of potash has a high salt meaning when it dissolves in soil, the solution salt concentration is greater compared to that from other fertilizers. Therefore care must be taken to minimize the risk of germination injury, particularly if high rates are applied under dry soil conditions.
Actual spreading rates will vary according to farm type, climate, productivity, soil type and crop type. Apply no more than one pound of potash per 1000 sq feet, per single application. Actual rate and timing of applications will vary with weather, soil and turf conditions. Usually one application per year is sufficient. Soil test will show if additional quantities are needed.

Coverage: 50lbs of 0-0-62 fertilizer covers approximately 28000 sq feet at the application rate of one pound of potash (1.6 lbs of fertilizer) per 1000 sq feet.

Rotary Spreader Settings: apply 0-0-62 (potash) fertilizer and combination products only with a rotary spreader. The following rotary spreader settings are approximate for the application rate of one pound of potash per 1000 sq feet. May need to adjust the setting depending on walking speed, spreader conditions and product.

Rotary Spreader                                         Calibration Gauge Settings
Cyclone or Spyker                                                      3
Scott’s R8A                                                                4 1/2
Lesco Pendulum                                                         16
Lely                                                                             3 1/2
Lesco                                                                          11

Guaranteed Analysis
Soluble potash (K20)                                                 62%
Derived from Muriate of Potash
Chlorine (C1) max                                                      48%