Chelated Iron Concentrate

Chelated Iron is specially formulated to treat lawns, gardens, golf courses, trees, and shrubs, and will prevent or cure iron chlorosis in turf and trees. (It is readily assimilated in its present form.)

Chelation helps grass and trees absorb iron at the most efficient rate; leeching is minimized due to the fast intake.

Applications: Chelated Iron may be applied in early spring or late summer; two to three applications during the season is recommended. It is good practice to apply Chelated Iron in the late fall for treatment for the following year.

Mix 2 gallons of concentrate with 50 gallons of water and spray the mixture onto 1 acre; use a suitable sprayer.

For trees and shrubs, mix 2 gallons of concentrate with 25 gallons of water; this amount will cover approximately 1/2 acre. Cover the ground area around trees and shrubs during application. The diluted Chelated Iron may be directly applied to foliage on trees and shrubs; wet the foliage thoroughly until dripping of the solution is noticeable.

Caution: Keep from freezing. This product may cause eye or skin irritation and may be harmful is swallowed.