Chelated Iron Concentrate: Basic Function

Chelated iron consists of iron molecules chemically bonded to organic molecules. This forms a solution that plants can absorb through their root systems and use as nutrients. Iron molecules can bond to many different organic compounds.

Iron is a necessary molecule for plants. If plants are not able to absorb enough iron, they develop a condition called iron chlorosis. Iron-deprived plants begin displaying signs of iron chlorosis on new leaves and shoots. The tips of the leaves begin to yellow, gradually spreading back on the leaf toward the stem. The veins remain green, however, until iron chlorosis reaches critical levels.

Iron chlorosis is a common ailment of plants in a soil with a basic pH. We call such soils alkaline. It is not that our soils lack iron; they have large quantities of the nutrient. The problem is that the iron is locked up in chemical compounds in the soil that make it unavailable to some plants.

Once again the symptom of chlorosis is a light green color instead of dark green. In severe cases, the leaves turn white and the ends burn leaves defoliate, and plant death can occur.

Our product Chelated Iron Concentrate will treat iron chlorosis. Chelated iron products have their iron in a form that allows plants to use it, but it does not get locked up in the soil. Apply the chelated iron to the soil or dissolve it in water for a foliar application