Aqua Balance and Maintainer


Aqua Balance Moisture Management is a unique special complex blend of the Phyto extract (naturally derived soil surfactant), that is an active Moisture Management technology, which combines with an advanced sub macromolecular soil wetting technology, to reduce watering needs on larger areas such as golf courses, vegetable gardens, commercial plantings, landscape nurseries and agriculture. Aqua Balance is the only product to use throughout the year to manage sufficient soil moisture all season long in dry and drought struck areas to maintain soil moisture levels in existing shrubs, turf, crops and plants. Aqua Balance will increase the survival of new plantings of sod, gardens, seed, crops, bedding plants, shrubs and trees.

Feature Benefits:

  • Maintain Soil Moisture Level
  • Increases survival rate of crops, gardens, grass and all plants
  • Enhances uptake of nutrients and Fertilizer Efficiency
  • Increase and improve seed germination
  • Reduce watering cycle and expense
  • Keeps and maintain growth throughout the season
  • Reduce stress and dry spots
  • Provides drought protection
  • Helps loosen soil compactions due to drought

Advance Technology:
Aqua Balance Moisture Management technology helps increase deeper penetration of moisture and advances sub-micron micro molecules that help retain moisture. They do this by intertwining with subsurface soil particles that attract and store moisture as microscopic droplets near the root mass for plants to sustain growth. It also helps increase the uptake of tied up soil nutrients for a continued growth cycle.

Recommended Uses:

  • Golf Courses
  • Turf Grass and Hay Fields
  • Landscape areas
  • Vegetable Gardens
  • Athletic Fields
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Greenhouses
  • Nurseries
  • Trees and Shrub
  • Seeding, Sodding and Lawns
  • Farm Grounds

Recommended Application Rates: Dilution Rate for general application: Mix one gallon concentrate to 15 gal of water per one acre. Can be applied with injections and sprinkler systems.
*Note: Aqua Balance Moisture Management product must be watered in thoroughly after the initial application. Reapply every 3 to 4 months on as needed basis.

Turf, Grass and lawns: General Application Rate: Apply 12 oz. of Aqua Balance per 1,000 sq. ft. (2.5 to 3 gallons per acre) by spraying or drenching once every 2 to 3 months, or if maintaining monthly at 1/4 rate after initial full rate application. For best results apply to moistened soil. Water-in with at least 1/10 inch of water within the first couple of hours to insure Aqua Balancer is washed off foliage and into the soil. Within 24 hours, follow with enough additional water to carry Moisture Manager down to and throughout the root system. The amount of additional water required to carry Aqua Balance throughout the root system is dependent on the depth of the roots of the treated area. Additional application may be required to correct difficult and extremely dry spot areas.  Maintain a regular fertilizer application cycle during this treatment.

Trees, Shrubs, and House Hold Plants: Dilute Aqua Balance Moisture Manager 2-3 fl. oz. per gallon of water and apply by drench thoroughly saturating the root systems.

Potted and In-Ground Plants: Use 2 fl. Oz. of Aqua Balance per gallon of water.

Large Planters, Trees & Gardens: Dilute 4 to 6 fl. oz. per gallon of water or through injectors at a rate of 50:1 to 100:1 and apply at arate of 4 ounces of concentrate per an 80 sq. ft. area. One gallon treats approximately 5,000 square feet. Reapply every 2 to 3 weeks if regular water schedule is not maintained.

Farm Ground And Hay Fields: Dilution Rate: Mix 2 to 3 gallons concentrate to 15 gal of water per one acre. Can be applied with injections, drenching or sprinkler systems. *For maximum effectiveness reapply Aqua Balance every three months or when watering is required.